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Unique to the World

The Driftless area embodies a unique geological region left untouched by the last glacial period that leveled parts of North America and retreated approximately 11,000 years ago. Absent of “drift,” the sediment left behind by glacial ice sheets, the area remains “Driftless;” and also un-flattened by the leveling forces of nature. What does remain constitutes the diverse topography defined by soaring ridgetops and plunging valleys cut by water from the glacial runoff. And at its center, the greater Crawford County area.  

The resulting land forms represents more than geography and geology. It defines who we are.  The Driftless area – unique to the world – gives the region its distinctive identity. From its rugged terrain to its renowned rivers, Crawford County offers its residents a character connected to the land, and a quality of life second to none. Explore this quality of life, which reveals itself in the pleasure of Living Here and the excitement of Playing Here.

Living Here

Playing Here

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