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Enchanting Places to Live

The unique topography creates enchanting places to live. You can live atop a ridge and watch eagles soar overhead.  You can live near the river and experience the pace of life set by the river’s current. Or you can settle in one of the river valleys sheltered by verdant hillsides. Crawford County sits at the confluence of three rivers: the Mississippi, known throughout the world; the Wisconsin, which brought the regions first explores and inhabitants; and the Kickapoo, “the crookedest river in the world.”


The land also lends itself to a rural esthetic that fosters a sense of community. Small-town hospitality thrives in Crawford County.  Small towns make up the fabric of daily life, where neighbors look out for one another and Main Street finds people gathered in conversation. Big-town conveniences also offer residents with shopping centers and franchise stores to satisfy your shopping needs.


Ancestral Ho-Chunk voices speak of the Driftless Region. Memories shared across the millennia know this place as a refuge veined with life-sustaining rivers and streams, embraced and protected by rugged bluffs. This place has spirits.

Ancient and unique, the geology of the Driftless has also beckoned others: explores, trappers, traders, lead miners, missionaries, soldiers, steamboat captains, farmers, railroad men and entrepreneurs; roustabouts, rascals, saints and sinners. This place has stories.

Long a nexus of commerce and trade our history is the like the Mississippi River itself, a braided stream of channels, pools and backwater sloughs: steamy, mysterious, alluring. This place is home.


Living good also means living healthy.  In addition to the outdoor recreational opportunities that promote exercise, Crawford County possesses a broad network of health providers.

Crossing Rivers Health completed a state-of-the-art medical center and primary clinic in 2015.  The sprawling campus and modern building, featuring Emergency Department, vibrant Rehabilitation Department, advanced Medical Imaging equipment, and private patient rooms; greets visitors entering Prairie du Chien from the south.

Gundersen Health System, based in La Crosse, maintains both a physician’s clinic and eye clinic in Prairie du Chien.

Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare in Prairie du Chien provides access to world-class health support.

Healthy Roots, a broad cross section of community members, who focus on community level changes that impact health to create a culture of wellness in Crawford County.

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