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Convenient and Accessible

Whether by road, rail, river, or air, Crawford County offers a convenient and accessible transportation infrastructure to quickly reach markets and customers. Manufactured goods are easily moved along the county road network and across the State Highway System. As the only harbor in Southwest Wisconsin, the Port of Prairie du Chien has fleet capacity of 30 barges and is a major hub for shipping agricultural products. The port is equipped to handle the direct transfer of cargo between barges and rail cars or trucks. Several major truck carriers also serve Crawford County.  Read more about our logistics resources below or contact us about how we can help keep your business moving. 

city distance to PDC / driftless region


Bounded by the Mississippi River to the west and the Wisconsin River to the south, Crawford County is served by unbeatable industrial transportation opportunities through the port of Prairie du Chien, with rail service in all directions. The City of Prairie du Chien, the County seat, is located at the junction of U.S. 18 (east west) and Wisconsin 35 along the Mississippi River (north-south “the Great River Road”). (See OSOW Wisconsin Freight Routes Map)  Several highway improvement projects were recently completed along U.S Highway 18, including a by-pass project to improve truck transportation to and from Iowa.


The City of Prairie du Chien is well situated with connections between harbor facilities on the Mississippi River and the main line of the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) as well as the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad (WSOR).  The BNSF railroad offers intermodal service with 32,500 miles of track across the United States.  The WSOR is a regional railroad operating 700 miles of track (600 owned or leased and 100 in trackage rights) throughout south central Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois. (See Wisconsin Rail and Harbor Map).  The WSOR connects to the western Class I railroads: BNSF, CN, CP and UP.


Rail - barge offload area at Prairie du Chien

Rail – barge offload area at Prairie du Chien Photo courtesy Wisconsin-Southern Railroad

The Prairie du Chien Port is one of Wisconsin’s eight main points of entry. The Port has direct access to U.S. 18 and Wisconsin 35, as wellas connection to the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe and Wisconsin Southern Railroads.  Cargo currently handled at the Port includes over 600,000 metric tons of coal, salt, sand, cement, grain and fertilizer. Approximately 20,000 square feet of covered warehouse space is available and 25 acres open. Fleet capacity includes 30 barges on site and availability of 10-ton lift equipment. These modern port facilities serve as multi-modal distributions centers, linking cargo vessels with land based transportation of both highways and rail. For more information about the port contact Prairie Sand and Gravel, Inc. P.O. Box 210 Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 Phone: (608) 326-6471 Fax: (608) 326-8955


The Prairie du Chien Municipal Airport provides air service for private individuals and business in the region. Fuel (including jet fuel), terminal building, and hangers are available at the airport. Services include 2 paved, lighted runways, (4,000’ x 75’, and 5000′ x 75’), private hangers, a self service fuel station, restrooms, WSI weather information, and a lounge area. The airport is staffed 7 days a week from 10 am to 4 pm. Contact information Richard Yeomans 608-326-2118. National and international access is close by at the La Crosse Municipal Airport (70 minutes), the Dubuque Regional Airport and from the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin.

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