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Low Cost. High Return.

Crawford County understands that living and business operating costs are a major consideration in choosing where to live or locate your business. That’s why we’re here working hard to make living easy. Whether your in retirement, growing a family, or launching a business, Crawford County’s affordable cost of living and abundant quality of live makes it a convenient place to live well.

2014-2015 Municipal Tax Rates – Crawford County

The municipal tax rate includes only municipal purpose property tax levies. The total tax rate includes property tax levies for school districts, technical college districts, counties, municipalities, the state, as well as special districts, minus the school levies credit.


Type of Municipality

Municipality Name

Municipal Tax Rate

Total Tax Rate

Crawford City Prairie du Chien $8.34 $26.52
Wisconsin Municipal Average
$3.77 $18.85
Wisconsin City Average $8.40 $23.35
Crawford Town Bridgeport $1.88 $20.69
Crawford Town Clayton $8.55 $26.44
Crawford Town Eastman $4.90 $23.94
Crawford Town Freeman $2.47 $21.52
Crawford Town Haney $4.79 $22.81
Crawford Town Marietta $3.32 $21.22
Crawford Town Prairie du Chien $2.47 $21.22
Crawford Town Scott $4.33 $21.18
Crawford Town Seneca $3.88 $22.83
Crawford Town Utica $4.43 $22.55
Crawford Town Wauzeka $5.30 $26.04
Crawford Village Bell Center $0.21 $18.13
Crawford Village Eastman $5.58 $23.93
Crawford Village Ferryville $4.78 $23.93
Crawford Village Gays Mills $6.47 $24.13
Crawford Village Lynxville $4.47 $22.85
Crawford Village Mount Sterling $3.33 $21.38
Crawford Village Soldiers Grove $1.23 $18.83
Crawford Village Steuben $10.03 $30.65
Crawford Village Wauzeka $7.72 $28.20

Crawford County’s low cost of living compared to elsewhere in Wisconsin and the local region make it a great choice for families, seniors, and young adults launching a career and looking to save.

Best Places Cost of Living Salary Calculator determines how much more (or less) you need to maintain your same standard of living. They provide a cost of living comparison that includes food, housing, utilities, transportation, health, taxes, and housing cost of living numbers.  Crawford County is 85.4 as compared to the U.S. Average of 100.  Housing is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference.  In Crawford County, the Housing index is a low 63.  Go here to view the complete Crawford County’s Cost of Living.

The Women’s Institute for Policy Research, part of UMass Boston, publishes the Basic Economic Security Tables™ (BEST) Index and the Elder Economic Security Standard™ Index (Elder Index) as tools to help residents and decision makers understand the true costs of living and what resources are needed to prepare for the future. The indices present local expenses, savings requirements, and what incomes are needed to achieve economic security by family type, and at the city, county, and state levels.  Download the Crawford County BEST Index below with regional comparisons.



Median Home Prices (Average across all months)
Crawford County, WI South Central Region, WI Wisconsin
2008 $111,825 $177,982 $166,623
2009 $135,758 $171,624 $158,191
2010 $90,488 $163,933 $146,125
2011 $112,542 $160,196 $141,294
2012 $86,188 $153,875 $130,358
2013 $91,256 $153,633 $131,633
2014 $94,383 $166,684 $140,367
2015 $103,563 $169,977 $145,054
2016 $99,704 $180,604 $152,475
2017 $111,700 $190,389 $161,285
2018 $130,175 $206,838 $170,271
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