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Merger for the Future – A Collaborative Approach

Driftless Development INC (DDI) was formed by the merging of Crawford County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) and Prairie du Chien Economic Development Corporation (PdCEDC) to improve efficiency, avoid duplication and conduct more meaningful business and community development services.  

This new organization focuses on economic development of Crawford County and surrounding areas, pursuing opportunities for growth and development to create vibrant communities. DDI employs an aggressive agenda with a focus on impactful initiatives. This community effort is based on our greatest asset, our people.  With people as our top priority, we launched the following initiatives: 

  • Established a Success Council to tap into our shareholders
  • Conducted a Fundraising Campaign to fund DDI’s work plan
  • Supported business districts & downtown’s beginning with the revitalization of Prairie du Chien’s historic downtown
  • Created committees and task forces to tackle problems & launch initiatives
  • Developed a powerful website that is the centerpiece for the marketing & communications depicting the beauty & splendor of the Driftless Region and our very unique place-based assets  

DDI is a private, not-for-profit economic development organization committed to the economic revitalization of Crawford County’s future through continued growth, prosperity, and inclusion. DDI conducts fundamental business and community development that includes: 

  • Business Retention & Expansion
  • Business Start-up & Entrepreneurism
  • Business Attraction
  • Workforce Development
  • Information, Data and Marketing & Communications 

In addition, DDI has five primary Community Development goals as identified from county-wide listening sessions following the Strategic Doing Process, which encompass our “Pathway to Progress.”

Pathways to Progress

1.  Attract more young families and younger workers

Families are the backbone of any community. One of Driftless Development INC’s primary goals is to foster the retention and recruitment of current and new families to Crawford County. This will be done through the creation of new jobs, improvements in our school districts, and the provision of affordable and accessible housing. 

2.  Create more housing options

Through the creation of new housing options in the area, new residents will be able to successfully relocate to the Driftless region. Affordable for a wide range of income levels and accessible to individuals in need of housing modifications, new housing will encourage economic and personal growth within the community. 

3.  Improve the perception of our schools and encourage school-to-work

A primary concern of families, both present and future, is the education available to their children. By promoting local schools and working together with the community, Driftless Development INC. has an active role in educating our children and future workforce. Through the development of school-to-work programs in our school districts, more job openings will be filled by the newest generation, and the economy will benefit alongside the community. 

4.  Build county-wide broadband connectivity 

The availability of high-speed broadband access across the entire Driftless region is essential in our goal of economic development. When families of all economic status can access the information available on the internet, there will be more opportunities to view job openings, business growth, and current community events. 

5.  Revitalize core business districts and downtowns

DDI strives to assist Crawford County communities in the revitalization of their core business districts and downtowns following the National Main Street 4-point approach.

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